Lash & Brow

Hot Stone Pedicure
Shaping, cuticle treatment, salt glow, foot masque, paraffin dip, lower leg massage with stones and choice of polish.


Micro blading & Consultation
Micro blading resembles and artistic use of meticulous brush strokes that mimic the look of real hair, using a semi permanent technique of color pigment drawn onto the skin giving you a natural looking eyebrows. The natural feathering of strokes creates a beautifully designed brow. Micro blading’s fine lines create definition and fuller, thicker finish.

What happens in the consultation?
We discuss the shape of your brows and the problem areas you wish to address. We also discuss the effect you wish to achieve and your preferred brow shape and design. We can advise and inspire and show examples of brow shapes which will work with each clients face shape and brow type.
We will fill our your consultation form checking your general health and any possible contradictions. Client to sign a give consent .
We will draw the brows design in pencil so you can get an idea of the shape and form.
We take a photo of your so we can study the symmetry of your features. Nobody’s face is totally symmetrical so you need to be realistic with your expectations but the results are fabulous 

Procedure Day:
The first process is to apply numbing cream, cover with clear wrap and leave for 20 minutes.
We clean your brow area with sterile, hygienic pads and draw the brow from on to your skin. 
We then take a photo so that you can see what we see. The camera also shows you any defects in the design.
When you are completely happy with the new design in pencil, we will begin to create the shape using the micro blade tool and desired pigment.
We use a sterile Micro blading tool and disposable blades during your procedure.
We use EU regulated permanent make up High quality pigments, specially manufactured for micro pigmentation.

How long does it last?  
Depending on how well your look after your new micro bladed brows, they will last for between 1-2 years.

Does it hurt?
No, not really, on a scale of 1-10, most client report a discomfort of about 3. Once the numbing cream is absorbed very little feeling remains.

Call today to reserve your micro blading consultation!
$25 consultation fee payment will be applied to your procedure.
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